It was suppose to be "just for fun".

A computer expert approached a retired golf enthusiast with the suggestion that they team up to create an electronic scorecard to be used at their local club, just for fun.  Then it started - every player at the club had a suggestion.  The hackers, the scratch players, the hustlers, the tournament players, the travel groups, and the golf professionals started making "requests".  But the requests were actually more like demands; "If you want us to use this, you have to include ...."


Two and one half years later, the computer guy and the golf guy made a discovery: they had created a feature filled application with more options and flexibility than those apps commercially available and created by the professional boys, just because the application was the result of needs, not a business plan.

For more information than anybody really cares about:

The computer guy is Wallace (Wally) Mclure, a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a masters degree, who is the President of Scalable Development, Inc.  His customers include private, corporate, State Government, and Federal Governmental departments.

The golf guy is Arthur Long, another Tech graduate, who retired after an ownership and management career in Heavy and Highway construction, Mining, and Aggregate Production, in the southeast.  His golf passion led him to rating courses for Golf Digest and to television production of golf tournaments, including the PGA Tour and The Masters for CBS Sports, and the Open for ESPN.