Most of our products utilized different variations of the scorecard & scoreboard of our flagship program, Autocard.  Click below to see samples of those components.

Tournament Director's products are software solutions for creating, organizing, conducting, and reporting golf events, including, Club Events, Individual Games, Formal Tournaments, Charity Events, and Group Travel Games. The software includes, electronic scorecards, scoreboards, pin sheets, announcements, rules sheets, provision for player & marker signatures, archiving and more.  The formats of play include team & individual games, all USGA Compliant games, and many custom games.  Where allowed by law, waging for stroke, match, unlimited side games, presses, birdies, skins is simple, automatic, and instantaneous.

TD Scramble

Software Solution for the One Day Charity, Corporate, or Institutional Golf Event


For fundraising and camaraderie, nothing beats a Scramble. A golf "Scramble" is a format for golf tournaments where four (usually) players form a team to play, with the rules emphasizing fun without the pressure of players keeping individual scores. Each player hits a tee shot on each hole, but everyone plays from the spot of the best shot until the ball is holed. Players of all ability levels can contribute and have fun.

AutoCard Basic

Software Solution for the individual's weekly game




Autocard allows you to register players, select teams (by draft or automatically), designate the format, wagers (where allowed by law), pairings, and record & monitor all scores in real time. Every aspect of this module was designed and approved by the best players at our club.

AutoCard Club

Software Solution for the management of Club events, from the Match Play Championship to Wednesday game


Golf Clubs present a unique challenge for Club Pros with a multitude of formats and services. AutoCard Club answers those challenges by automating event registration, pairings, scorecards, pin sheets, local rules sheets, cart signs, pace of play monitoring, scoring, and scoreboards - and everything is paperless. All USGA formats are supported as well as many custom games.

TD Ryder

Software Solution for your Traveling Team Tournament


You picked your destination for a golf getaway. Use TD Ryder to automate all of the functions of a Tournament Director: Invitations, Registration, Team Drafts, Formating and Scheduling of Rounds, Daily Pairings and Tee Time Assignments, Live Scoring, Automatic Notifications & Scorecard Distribution, and Individual & Team Scoring. Designed for a Ryder Cup Format, TD Ryder takes over the management duties and allows you to enjoy the trip.

TD Tourney

Software Solution to manage and score USGA compliant Tournaments


Whether it is your Club Championship, a NCAA tournament, a State Championship, a USGA qualifier or any other event played in strict compliance with the USGA procedures, TD Tourney provides the tools to register players, create pairings, designate markers, issue scorecards, pin sheets, & local rules, display and broadcast realtime scoring, record player and marker signatures, archive results, establish tee times for subsequent rounds, and minimize errors and disputes.

TD CapCals

Software Solution for the Allocation of Handicap Strokes at your course


Allocating Handicap Strokes is a tedious task requiring planning, time, cooperation, monitoring, and calculations. With TD CapCalcs, this process is not only automated, but refined with a precision previously not available. Every score, on every hole, for any period of time can be categorized by player index and analyzed by both the comparative and the regression methods. Questions of sample size, weather and seasonal factors, and course conditions can be minimized if not eliminated as TD CapCalcs can utilize an unlimited number of rounds without the possibility of human error. And TD CapCals provides the course with the stroke allocation for both Stroke and Match play, a distinction unknown to most Clubs.