TD Scorecards :

The TD Scorecard is delivered to your cell phone formatted for the unique game in which you will be playing.  These games include team games, scrambles, USGA compliant events, Ryder Cup format events, and many others.  If the event is sponsored, all sponsors can be recognized with corporate logos displayed on scoreboards & scorecards, including hole sponsorships.  And if the event requires markers, consider it done with instant automatic conflict resolution*.  Finally, scorekeeper duties are flexible, allowing individual scorecards, team scorecards, or pairing scorecards regardless if teams are distributed over multiple pairings.  No matter the game, the input is consistent, simple and quick.

Scramble Scorecard with Event Sponsorship

USGA compliant Marker Scorecard

Charity Event with Hole Sponsorship

* If a marker's entry and the player's entry do not agree, a message is displayed immediately so that the conflict can be resolved then as opposed to hours later.

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