So, you are leery of using a smartphone on the golf course: 

We've heard that before, even from our friends.  But even the toughest skeptics have an epiphany after a round or two using TD's AutoCard.  Real world use proves recording scores with Autocard vs paper cards:

  1. Is faster or as fast

  2. Is more accurate

  3. Eliminates math errors (we found errors in 63% of audited team paper scorecards)

  4. Provides instant results (scores & wagers where allowed by law)

  5. Provides for redundancy (think lost card or wet cards)

  6. Allow teams to see where they stand at any time during an event

  7. Is easier (no need for pencils, pencil sharpener, or erasers)

Common concerns & the answers: 

  1. I don't want my phone on the course.  Answer: disable the phone or silence the ringer

  2. I don't want to carry a phone.  Answer: We put it in our back pocket where the scorecard use to go

  3. My battery may go dead.  Answer: That’s why you can transfer scoring responsibilities with 3 touches

  4. The battery went dead before I transferred.  Answer: The Golf Shop can make the transfer when your partner calls

  5. I'm too old to mess with it.  Answer: A 75 year old scored for his team without error with only 30 seconds of training