Feature Filled Scoring:

Golf Software Solutions Designed by Golfers

Cloud Based

Tournament Director products are cloud based which provides for data redundancy & security, real time anywhere scoring, mid-event maintenance and support, and automatic updates.  No apps to download and populate your phone.  All documents delivered to your smart phone via text messaging.

Game Customization

Set your game up at home with the ease of a full keyboard (mobile is also available), or view any on-going tournament (think child's college event) from your office.  With access to your account's previous events, organize a Ryder Cup style event with players and captains separated by miles, as if everyone were in the same room.

Mobility & Simplicity

A smartphone is all you need for pairings & tee times, scorecards, pin sheets, rules sheets, entire field scoreboards, event messaging, and ruling requests.  No more multitude of handouts, searching for pencils,  wondering where you stand in the event, or searching for rules officials.  Two years of actual event testing proves that Autocard is faster and more convenient than a scorecard and pencil.


Tournament Director is a web based system providing the following benefits:

No cell phone storage required;

System Management from anywhere;

In Progress Management;

World Wide Live Scoring;


Managing Your Game Anywhere

1. Club Events

2. Private Games

3. USGA Compliant Events

5. Management of Travel Events

4. Charity Events


Simplicity of your phone, the power of the cloud

Cloud Computing

On-line Setup and Event-time Maintenance & Support

Tournament Director products provide for the automation of golf events from registration to awards.  The game formats are highly flexible and the work load of the hosting venue is greatly reduced.  The following is just a sampling of the features:

• Event Registration

• All USGA formats

• Additional formats

• Custom formats

• GHIN Integration

• Team or Individual games

• Team Assignment or Draft

• Pairing Management

• Electronic Scorecards

• Single or Group Scorecards

• Scoring Duty Reassignment

• Net, Gross or Both

• Stroke or Match Play stroke allocation

• Auto Handicap adjustment for different tees

USGA compliant Scoring:

• Player / Marker

• Immediate conflict resolution

• Scorecards signed & attested


• Auto Time Stamp & Filing

• Auto Next Round Pairings

• Paperless Pin Sheets

• Paperless Rules Sheets

• Automated Ruling Request

• Scramble Management for Charities:

• Scoreboard Sponsorships

• Scorecard Hole sponsorship recognition

• Cart Sign Sponsorship recognition

• Instant Scramble Results

• Auto Presentation - Flighted or not

• Post Event Communications

• Realtime Scoreboards:

• Delayed Scoreboard for Team Match Play

• Mobile Scoreboards

• Easy TV Scoreboards Setup



• On-line Scoreboards

• Scoreboard Customization

• Summary or Detail Scoreboards

• Skins identificaton

• Ryder Cup Format:

• Full Management Function

• Travel / Multiple Courses

• Automated Drafts, Pairings, Order, Tee Time & Game Notification, Scoring

• Wager features where allow by law

• Nassau

• Hole & Birdie

• Match or Stroke

• Birdies

• Optional Skins

• Auto or Manual Press

• Multiple Scoring Options

• Team or Individual

• Instant Results